Album: Jigsaw (2004)

Song: Perfect

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Committed is an intense 3-piece emotional rock outfit from Chester County, PA that formed in early April 2001. They are lead by guitarist/vocalist Greg Smith, bassist/bgvs/keys.fx Chris Hill, and drummer/bgvs Clark Vincent. Summer 2001 they recorded their first album "Contrary to Popular Belief". Dozens of shows later, Committed headed back to the studio in June 2002 and completed their 2nd album, "Jigsaw" after several months of work. Less than a year later, Committed signed with Driven Records and completed their EP, "Green Light Go (ep)". With a growing bunch of rabid fans and an increasing repertoire of songs, Committed is looking forward to their new label demo Renovatio! Committed will be sending their new label demo out to labels fall 06! Keep your eyes peeled for these guys!